You Want to do it Yourself but need a Garden Coach to Teach You How to Do it the Right Way


Garden ConsultantScott & Charm have a full breadth of knowledge in pruning practices, planting for establishment and survival, and pest and disease management, including organic methods of treatment. They understand lawn care, irrigation practices, and tree establishment. They even have a wide understanding of which veggies and fruit work well in our area, and can help you in your backyard farming endeavours.


Scott has actively pursued and practised various methods of small space edible gardening with big yields, such as hydroponics, vertical gardening, aquaponics, and container gardening. Both Scott and Charm can direct you with the kind of fertilizers and pH adjusters you should be applying to your plants, and how to manage your soil for long-term plant health and a successful harvest if you desire to grow edibles. They have both practised integrated pest management, and can advise you properly.


Garden TrainingCharm & Scott have been building gardens hands-on for fifteen years. They can guide you with creating your dream garden by teaching you tips and tricks to install the hardscape elements of your landscape the right way and in the right order. They are both irrigation experts and can teach you how to install a system that is efficient, and works properly, providing head-to-head coverage for lawns and the right amount of emitters per plant in a drip system.

The Dreier’s will provide you invaluable garden advice and gardening training that will stay with you for the rest of your life after you experience the results for yourself.


You Don’t Have Time to do it Yourself but Need Help Finding the Right Landscaper or Gardener


Garden AdviceSince Scott and Charm have been hands-on landscapers for over ten years, they know how it needs to be done. They can help you come up with a plan, a time-line, and a work-flow. They can let you know what to expect from your landscape contractor, and can assist you with everything from picking the right contractor, reviewing estimates and contracts, referring you to the right nurseries and supply stores, and coming up with solutions to any problems that may arise during the process of creating your dream garden. They are also well-versed at installing, repairing, and maintaining irrigation systems, and can come up with creative ways to attack problematic areas and situations.


Since Scott and Charm have been in the industry for many years, they have already developed relationships with many other landscapers, gardeners, and tree pruners, as well as vendors and supply stores. They know from first hand experience what to expect from certain companies, and what their clients thought of them. They can steer you away from companies that have poor track records, and let you know exactly why.Gardening Advice


You Have a Landscaper that you Trust but Need a Garden Design


DSC00686Charm & Scott are experts on Bay Area ornamental, edible, and native plants. Since they understand their care, exposure limitations, and growth patterns, you can be insured that they will pick the right plant for the right area the first time. They also understand which species are invasive non-natives, or are prone to pests and diseases, or have a short life span, and steer clients away from those.


Since they both have over ten years of hands-on experience with Bay Area plants, weather patterns, and micro-climates, they bring a unique skill to the table. Most garden designers have never actually worked with the plants. They only pick plants based on colors, texture, and what the Sunset Garden book tells them. Scott and Charm know what to expect from any given plant in any given situation and season. They will not over-plant your garden, pick plants that will fail the first season, or choose plants that will take over your garden, or your neighbor’s garden.


Charm’s garden designs have proven solid over the years– she has an artistic eye and can design a garden to have flow, dimension, and radiant year-long color. Her designs are low-maintenance, pest and disease resistant, and require a low-water usage. She will help you plan your dream garden, or work with your existing garden to make it as efficient as possible, using less resources and time to keep it looking fabulous year round.


DSC00690Scott’s irrigation designs take into account your garden’s slope, your house’s water supply and pressure, the size of your garden, your various zones and watering needs, and will include head-to-head coverage for lawn irrigation. There is much math involved in creating an efficient system that provides water where it is needed, and works correctly without taxing the system or wasting water. It is always recommended to have an irrigation design as opposed to just “winging it”. Why spend thousands of dollars on a system that doesn’t fully work as it should? The investment of a design will solve that, and Scott is the right man to create it for you.

What is the Advantage to hiring the Dreier’s instead of a different Garden Consultant?


When you hire Scott and Charm, you get two experts instead of just one. They have different specialties, and a wide breadth of knowledge, so you are sure to get your question answered.


You also will have the advantage of working with professionals that actually know what is going on in the garden. A lot of designers and some coaches only have classroom training. With over ten years of full-time hands-on experience, both Scott and Charm can give you landscape consultation that you can trust since they actually know for a fact what the answer is, since they have seen it with their own eyes.Garden Instruction